CURRENCY CONVERTER powered by FXTM - Converts a certain amount of money from base currency to quote currency.

How to use Currency Converter?

1. Select the currency code that you wish to convert from base to quote currency.

2. Enter the amount of the currency and the converted amount will be automatically calculated.

PIP VALUE CALCULATOR powered by FXTM - Calculates the value of pip based on base currency and lot size. 

How to use Pip Value Calculator?

1. Enter pip value.

2. Enter your lot size.

3. Select a currency pair.

4. Select your base currency and the value of pip will be automatically calculated.

PROFIT CALCULATOR powered by FXTM - Calculate your profit base on your entry price and closing price.

How to use Profit Calculator?

1. Select your trade position (Buy or Sell).

2. Select a currency pair.

3. Enter your opening price and target profit price (closing price).

4. Select your base currency and enter lot size then your profit will be calculated.

LIVE RATES FEED powered by IC Markets - It shows the current quotes from the Interbank. (Forex, Indices, and Metals)

POSITION SIZE CALCULATOR powered by HotForex - a Forex tool that calculate the size of the position in units and lots to accurately manage your risks. How to use Position Size Calculator?

1. Select your Base Currency.

2. Enter leverage value (Check your trading account to view your current leverage used)

3. Select margin amount (your deposited amount) and your position size per trade will be calculated.

FIBONACCI CALCULATOR powered by HotForex - helps the trader calculate the Fibonacci retracements and extensions based on extreme points on the chart. 

How to use Fibonacci Calculator?

1. Enter the swing low and swing high prices. The calculator will automatically calculate the Fibonacci level extreme points.

MULTI-TARGET CALCULATOR powered by HotForex - This calculator helps traders plan what portion of their positions should be closed at certain target levels in order to gain the best possible Return to Risk Ratio. 

How to use the Multi-Target Calculator?

1. Select currency pair.

2. Select account currency.

3. Enter position lot size. 

4. Enter your entry price and stop loss price.

5. Enter your target profit price 1, 2, and 3.

6. Enter value for the lot size that you wish to close when the price hits your target profit price.

7. The calculator will automatically calculate for your profit and losses based on your input target prices and closed lots.

PIVOT POINTS CALCULATOR powered by HotForex - Identify support and resistance levels by entering the High, Low, Close and *Current Open Price for the time frame you are looking at. 

How to use Pivot Points Calculator?

1. Enter the swing low and swing high prices.

2. Enter the current price.

3. Enter the closing price.

4. The calculator will automatically compute the support and resistance level based on your inputs.

ECONOMIC CALENDAR powered by FX Pro - it helps the traders to keep track of the trading market-moving events with exact dates, times, currencies and estimated degree of impact to the currency rates.